Make a company banner.



We wanted to make a banner to advertise at the Maker Faire we will be at December 3, 2016.

We are on a very tight budget. We just purchased some folding tables to make our life a little easier and before that we purchased a canopy.

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Make wood Skateboard and Longboard Decks

Make a skateboard wood deck

This article is about how I make the wood part of these Skateboard and Longboard benches. You can also read how I made the Metal bench stands, and the Paper templates (To download PDF templates).

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Longboard/Skateboard Printable Templates!

Longboard printout

I have been working on Skateboard and Longboard bench sets. So far I have welded the skateboard bench legs, and designed these printable wood templates.

This article I will cover how I designed and made the templates, and I will give you a PDF download for the Longboard and Skateboard designs I made.

See how I made the wood skate and longboards after I made these templates

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